Casino Betting: Consider The Payout Percentages Tips

The payback percentages of online casino games (the so-called payouts) are different and change from operator to operator even for the exact same games. It is obvious at this point that, without considering the various promotions that may be better on one gaming site than another, it is always preferable to choose the operator that offers the highest payouts.

Take Advantage Of Good Promotions

What most characterizes online gaming platforms is the very high number of bonuses and promotions offered to players. Some of them are advantageous; others instead only serve to attract users’ attention.

Learn to distinguish a good promotion from an offer subject to too many requirements because, in the latter case, you risk not having any chance of taking home a win.

Convince Yourself That Everything Is Random

Don’t fall victim to superstitions and clich├ęs. In casinos, skill has little importance, and superstition has none; indeed, it can only do damage.

The only thing you can do is to play using “perfect” strategies that have the sole purpose of minimizing the house edge as much as possible (for example, not by betting on side bets in blackjack). All other systems do not lead to noteworthy results.

Everything is random. This is even more true when it comes to online gambling, given that betting outcomes depend unnecessarily on a system of random generation of results. Treat every spin of slots, every hand at blackjack, and every session of roulette as a new and distinct chance to win (or lose).

Don’t Just Aim For Jackpots

Slot jackpots are gluttonous; there is no doubt, especially those that reach figures in excess of one million dollars. But succeeding in the challenge of winning a jackpot on slots is very, very difficult: the odds in your favor are very low.

Then there is to consider that the percentage of money wagered that goes to feed the jackpot is subtracted from the refund quota to the players, which is why if we take two equal games, one with jackpot and one without, the one with jackpot will have the probability of payout slightly lower than the other. So, don’t just play to try and hit the super prize!

Manage Game Time And Breaks

Playing a lot not only increases the house’s chances of winning but also puts the player in a dangerous position against possible pathological dependence. Play for a limited time and take breaks if you are using a method that involves participation in a large number of games.

Don’t Drink Before Betting

It seems obvious, but betting money in an altered state can create enormous economic damage. You must always play in a state of lucidity. So if you raised your elbow a bit, avoid any form of gambling, you may make decisions that you will regret later.

Labouchere Betting System Or Cancellation: How It Works

The Labouchere is a system very similar to many other betting methods in which the compromise is to suffer a few significant losses in exchange for a high number of small winnings. The goal of this system is to be able to win a certain number of “units of money” by betting on “even odds,” such as the red-black or even-odd number of Roulette, i.e., bets with a theoretical probability of winning 50% paid in case of winning double the stake (you play 1 $, you win 2 $, you pocket 1 $). It is the player who chooses the value and the number of “units of money” to put into play.

Before going into details, let’s clarify our position regarding the betting systems: in the long term, the casino always has the most favorable odds, no matter what method or trick the player can implement. Even the Labouchere method that we present in this article is no exception, so in case you decide to try to put it into practice, you must be aware that the risk of losing the entire amount played is a situation that could occur concretely.

So let’s see how the Labouchere system works, bearing in mind that we will call the amount of money that the player decides to put at risk as a “bankroll.” In our example, the goal is to win 10 units of money. The number and value of these units are chosen by the player, as well as the amount of the bankroll (the higher they are, the greater the risk):

  • You start by writing on a sheet of paper a line containing ten one (1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1). Each number represents a betting unit. When all the numbers are cleared, the player will have won 10 units.
  • For each bet, you must bet the sum of the leftmost and rightmost numbers. If there is only one number left, you must bet the sum of that number with zero.
  • If you won, delete both numbers left and right from the row.
  • If you have lost, add the sum of the two numbers to the right of the lines.
  • If your bankroll isn’t high enough to cover the sum of the two numbers on the left and right of the row, do the following: if your bankroll can cover the value of the left number, bet this way. If you win, remove the left number; if you lose, add the number of lost units to the first number. If, on the other hand, your bankroll does not cover the value of the number on the left, you bet all that is left. If you win, subtract the number of betting units from the leftmost number. If you lost, you ran out of money.
  • Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you have cleared all the numbers (in this case, you have won 10 units) or run out of bankroll.

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